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    Having discipline is painful

    For the past few weeks I've been having a bit of a liquidity problem. There's no income and the only money I have was in the form of my dad owing me roughly 700 euro and the ounce of gold located somewhere in my apartment, also worth roughly 700 euro.

    Well last week the situation became a tad dire in that I've run out of moneys on my bank account as well and now despite having what is essentially two+ month's worth of money at hand's reach, I can't even afford the bus fare to visit my girlfriend - yes, I stole it from mum's change jar, ha!

    Of course I could just sell the gold, but it'd be at a loss since it was worth about 50 euro more when I bought it than it is now, and considering all the fees for the brokers and such the loss would be even greater since I need the gold price to be 6% higher than upon purchase to work out evenly. So I'm not selling the gold, that's for sure.

    Maybe it's because I'm an idiot, maybe I just have too much self discipline, but whatever it is, it reminds me greatly of The Marshmellow Experiment some evil scientist played on innocent little children.

    To be honest, I have no idea why I'm doing this to myself. Perhaps deep down I sensed I don't have enough discipline and decided to do an exercise in impulse control. Perhaps it's just that I'm a bit silly.

    Whatever it is, I'm certainly not having a lot of fun right now and once that credit card bill comes in at the end of the month, I'll be having even less fun.

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    Published on August 17th, 2009 in Gold, life, Money, Uncategorized

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    Get promoted, earn a bigger salary, work for top companies

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