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    How I prepare for a talk at an 8,000 people conference

    "It worked last night, I promise.โ€

    Last week, I presented my crazy blockchain-redux idea at WeAreDevs world congress, a conference of 8,000 people.

    One person called it refreshing; another said it's the first time theyโ€™d seen an idea, not a product, at a conference. ๐Ÿ’ช

    Of course, the next related video YouTube shows after my vlog about preparing for the talk is Tim Urban's Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator. ๐Ÿค”

    Their AI be good ๐Ÿ˜…

    Anyway, here's some stuff I learned at We Are Developers 2018 โ†’

    1. You can prepare a talk in 3 days at the tail end of 3 months of casual research, but you probably shouldn't
    2. The best talks are built like a standup routine on top of a life well lived
    3. Woz is cool but kind of a strange person. His insights are curious
    4. There are waaaaay more VR devices out there than you'd think
    5. Now is a good time to get into VR
    6. You can have 100,000 monthly active users with a few Alexa skills
    7. Only those Alexa skills promoted by Amazon will live. Others die
    8. If you are presenting, put your handle on every slide so people know how to quote you when they post photos on social media
    9. 8000 people is too big and intimidating for effective Meet New People activities. Hard to strike up random conversations when there's nothing intrinsically in common other than "We both write code"
    10. Blockchain/crypto is a cult
    11. Vienna is beautiful. Go visit
    12. You write code that runs in the future, it is therefore de facto legislature
    13. Developers might be the only profession that doesn't even pretend to know what we're doing. We just dive right in and figure it out.
    14. Woz says managing is easier than coding, and it's unclear whether that was a joke, honest opinion, or pandering to the crowd
    15. Also company values without action are bullshit
    16. Oh, and Angular is doing some iiiiinteresting things with automatic code mods to make upgrading JavaScripts and such easier

    You get a big room if you put enough buzzwords in your talk title.

    Guess now I have to build the stuff I promised in my talk.

    Published on May 21st, 2018 in Personal, Thoughts, Travel + Events

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