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    How life sucks the fun out of all

    Some of you might remember how Lestat died a while ago, six months' worth of a while ago apparently, and I've been reluctant to fix him because everything was so dated there was simply no point in patching it up. So I waited until Sunday when I could order all new bits, a fancy new motherboard, CPU, graphics card, RAM and even a speedy hard drive.

    On wednesday all the parts arrived and in the evening I completely and totally neglected my girlfriend putting it all together. First I stripped out the old parts and yadayada, most of all I decided to do it nice and slow and to take great pleasure in it. Because hell, what greater pleasure is there for a geek than setting up a whole new computer from scratch, I'd've been up all night but for one thing. ... It didn't work.

    When I turned it on, suspense built up and then nothing happened. The fans were blasting, the front panel lights all burned and ... nothing else happened. The cause? Either a brand new CPU failure or a brand new motherboard failure. My bet was on CPU so yesterday I went to the store and asked for a new one, but the clerk, seemingly somewhat knowledgable, looked at it and said at least three pins didn't settle so I should bring the motherboard in as well because perhaps the problem was there. So I did.

    Thinking that we'd just do a quick check and they'll give me my parts was a mistake, a stupid one I admit. The computer had to be left there to be looked over by their maintenance staff and it'd take at least a day, perhaps more, seeing as how it's the weekend I'll probably only get it next month. Fucking shit.

    But after all of these shenanigans I am simply not enthusiastic about the computer anymore. It'll be put together by a third party, somebody will've messed inside my computer that hasn't been touched by anybody other than me in seven years. I feel somewhat violated, raped even. That's my computer and now somebody else is going to poke around in it! That's just wrong.

    If it comes back with windows installed, or the data on my old hdd is touched, I'm suing them ...

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    Published on July 11th, 2008 in life

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