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    I'm an idiot, but a merry one

    All day I've been feeling this strange sense of overwhelming happiness, mostly about how great my girlfriend is, how she's always there for me and how downright sexy she is and how life will truly be beautiful one day, and about how great my computer is, how it's almost always there for me when I should be doing something else and how downright ugly it is, but that it has a fucking beautiful GUI ... this all leads me to thinking death is upon me because nobody should be allowed to be this happy and live, just not natural.

    But let me tell you a bit about my computer because you might remember I've been having some problems with it. Well I finally got fed up of waiting for the "day or two" to pass on Wednesday and decided to call them up and implore about what was going on. They say that tomorrow (Thursday) it'd surely be done. No call. So on Friday I call again and they go that yeah yeah, it'll be done in a few hours and I should just come pick it up. No call.

    So I called again and the mister told me that nope, computer is still all in parts on the operating table. This really put me down ... but a few moments later the guy calls back and says that hey, he checked wrongly and the compuer was ready for pick up after all. Woot. (later on that day I got a similar surprise when the girlfriend said she was coming a lot sooner than I was expecting, a whole night sooner actually)

    Very well, got the computer and instantly had some issues with getting it to work, but nothing major, just seems that connecting my old batter DVD drive to power is a bit tricky. After some more issues I finally had ubuntu up and running and decided to give KDE 4.1 a go, and I did.

    You know what, I really can't understand what everyone is complaining about because 4.1 is totally ready for day-to-day use. Sure it might still be bit buggy now and anon and some things aren't quite fully completed yet (I'm looking at you Amarok!), but it's shangrilah compared to what Linux was when I first made the switch in roughly 2k2, back then we still had to mount cdroms and shit manually!

    But because just the orgasmic prettiness of kde isn't enough I also took the liberty of setting up compiz and making everything even prettier. Ok so it's not that prettier and in some regards even uglier (this time I'm looking at you old skool window decorations!), but it sure is faster and more responsive, to the point I believe I'll be running it full time.

    Now it's time to go learn how to code those widgets because I'm sick and tired of my tea timer being an actual application running in dock when it should be an awesome widget!

    Published on July 20th, 2008 in food for thought, intrigues, life

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