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    How to make the perfect iPad stand out of LEGO's

    My LEGO iPad stand

    Today I finally got fed up with the "Make my iPad stand up" dance. You know the one:

    Leeeaaan the iPad ever so carefully against a stack of books. Slides. Falls. No good.

    Ok, maybe if I put some rubber bands under so it won't slip ...


    Maybe if I wedge it juuuuust right between the notebook and the books ...

    After two years of dancing this dance - and being too cheap to buy a proper stand - I finally realized some of my LEGO's possess the perfect angles to prop it up just right.

    The LEGO iPad stand

    After ~40 minutes of tinkering I had a stand. A simple, dare I say elegant?, stand. Only 30 pieces. Even the colours match so it's definitely the most beautiful LEGO creation I have ever made!

    The angle did in fact turn out perfect. The whole thing is even sturdy enough to withstand wild tapping and swiping conditions. For bonus points, an iPhone also fits (I didn't plan this one).

    Here's how you can make one yourself:

    Step 0: Get some LEGO's Step1: put some spacers together Step2: Spacers go in the big yellow bit Step3: Start assembling the legs Step4: this is where the iPad rests Step5: finish assembling the main body Step6: attach the main leg Step7: two more placeholders Step8: add the main weight supports Enjoy your new iPad stand
    Published on June 19th, 2012 in IPad, IPhone, Lego, Toys, Uncategorized

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