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    Upgrading to ubuntu 8.10 hurts

    Let's get one thing straight from the get go, I love ubuntu and I enjoy 8.10 as much as I enjoyed 8.04 so even though this post is about to sound quite inflamatory be sure that I nontheless advise you to use this distro over other available linux flavours.

    Yesterday I decided that it was time to upgrade ubuntu mostly because I had installed so much crap that it was starting to misbehave and my computer frequently crashed or otherwise behaved like a proper arse. A little upgrade won't do harm right? Can only improve things right? Ha!

    And so I went and informed myself a little bit about the possible problems I might run into, didn't seem too major, some scary crap about nvidia graphics cards was the worst I found. The upgrade itself was very interesting, all I had to do was run Adept with a special flag so it showed the "Distro upgrade" button, clicked it and whoooosh, off I was.

    After a surprisingly quick download (13 minutes) and a remarkably quick install (20minutes even though it warned it might take hours) the upgrade was complete and I had to reboot my computer. Great, _I thought, _just this reboot and I can get to work, this wasn't too bad. But little did I know just what a world of shit I was heading too.

    The freshly rebooted computer greeted me with a very broken GUI, artefacts staying behind everywhere, I couldn't even scroll inside windows. But worst of all, internet wasn't working and since I'm using the computer as our main router for the apartment, there was NO internet. Scary stuff in this day and age. I finally had to resort to the radical step of simply using the old kernel with the new ubuntu; luckily it remained installed. This step gave me back properly working graphics, working sound and working internet connection.

    So we come to my main gripe with the upgrade process. Somebody had the bright idea that it would be cool if all my kde configurations went down the drain. Now this is the reason why I keep a separate partition for /home, so configurations stay put no matter what I do to the underlying linux. So why the flying fuck did I have to completely reconfigure my desktop and everything? I can understand Windows users losing their desktops and settings after a major upgrade or reinstall, but we're geeks here. We understand that shouldn't happen, we even take steps to prevent it! Hell, I'd understand losing config if this was a major upgrade, but the fact is nothing much actually changed, just some apps had new point releases, and most of those I already had installed anyway.

    Kids, don't think you will be quick to upgrade ubuntu, it takes much longer than anyone can anticipate and to add insult to injury, your fancy 12 button mouse is suddenly turned into a 5 button one. Yay.

    Published on November 3rd, 2008 in review

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