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    List of things I need to do before I'm 30

    So I was thinking, for the longest of times I've been wanting to do a whole bunch of things ...

    ... and I never quite get around to doing them.

    Fuck. This. Shit.

    This year, I make a list and I fucking clear it by the time I'm 30. There is no sense in living if you aren't having way over the top fun with it.

    Also making a list, publicly posting it and putting a deadline on it is a sure fire way to have a really really really really crappy 30th birthday when you inevitably realise that you've done way too few of these things and have just run out of soup.

    1. Bungee jump
    2. Canyoning
    3. Solo sky dive from plane
    4. BASE jump the fjords
    5. Flying suit BASE jump the fjords
    6. Jump off a few other things with a flying suit
    7. Climb Triglav
    8. Climb Everest
    9. Drive at least one official european rally race
    10. Drive and finish the desert oldsmobile rally (I keep forgetting the name)
    11. Ride the trans-siberian railway
    12. Learn to do a no handed endo
    13. Perform a double tailwhip with a mountain bike
    14. Come to a board meeting with a parachute through the window

    Noticed a pattern? :P

    Well I've got 8 (although I like to pretend it's 9) years to do all of this. Will happily take suggestions for things I haven't thought of.


    Oh and 15: Learn to ride a unicycle

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    Published on June 10th, 2010 in Uncategorized

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