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    Services I want to pay for

    For a while now I've been meaning to write a list of services that I need or want, but haven't found. Some of these probably don't exist, some of them just haven't reached my radar.

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    You can read this list as a sort of manifesto of what I'll get up to in the next few years. Feel free to scavenge for ideas as well. I won't mind, in fact I'll be glad because there's more ideas here than one guy can implement :)

    In no particular order:

    • A dashboard for the data I collect about myself either implicitly or explicitly
    • A way to consolidate my social profile - at least change the avatar everywhere at once
    • Some way to keep track of all the profiles I have
    • Stripe for Europe
    • When I write, dynamically predict how satisfied my audience will be so I can adjust accordingly
    • Ability to test different contents of a blogpost in regards to different audiences
    • Tell my users how long they are likely to take reading a story
    • Give me N pieces of news/content that will take X amount of time
    • Send funny pictures to friends offline with a single click [I am SO rebooting this one]
    • Pay for small favours by actually sending a cookie across the world
    • A tool that reminds me to keep in touch with potential clients (some sort of CRM I guess)
    • According to my personal metrics - give me progress predictions with graphs and advice on improving
    • A helper for building good habits so I can just respond to events rather than use my own willpower
    • Unified way of dealing with all the apps/services that have my CreditCard or PayPal info
    • Unified directory of everyone with OAuth access to any of my accounts
    • Remind me to unfollow/unfriend people before the task gets too daunting
    • Some unified way of dealing with all the services I might need like plumbers, sysadmins and food delivery
    • Remind me to eat according to a schedule
    • Create a diet for me and make sure the ingredients are always in the fridge

    While nothing revolutionary, this is a list of projects that deal with the fact that I'm almost as lazy as I am forgetful. Most of all, the proposed services are about predicting rather than reacting. I don't want to react to a problem, I want to predict I'm going to have a problem while I still have time to fix it!

    With the piles of data available, computers are better at making these predictions than I am.

    Machine Learning

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    Published on August 28th, 2012 in Google, OAuth, Online Communities, PayPal, Prediction, Twitter, Uncategorized

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