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    Peeshkot - cookie warnings, go away!

    While the NSA has been spying on our every move for years, recording hundreds of private phone calls in the US and archiving "virtually all internet usage, everywhere" the European Union passed a directive in 2009 about internet cookies.

    Until 2011 all member states were required to pass laws saying that when websites use cookies they should ask permission. Only three states met the deadline and of those one said "Fuck this, everyone, chill. The law is here, but you have like a year to comply. All's good.". That was the UK.

    I can't find a source saying which of the 27 EU countries have passed the cookie law, but on June 15th Slovenia has become one of those countries annoying its internet users. This affects me. I don't like that.

    First thing I heard on the morning of the 16th was my mum rushing into my room "OMG, what is this cookie thing? Chrome is trying to install a cookie? What the hell is going on?"


    On a Sunday morning nobody should have to explain what is a cookie and that it isn't the end of the world to a distraught technically impaired parent. Nobody.


    Peeshkot icon by @ponywithhiccups

    So @eewan and I made a solution - Peeshkot. Instal Peeshkot extension in your Chrome browser and all cookie notices will be gone.

    It will recognise most common implementations and make them go away, or opt-in if necessary. @eewan even made sure it will recognise most homegrown implementations with the use of some clever heuristics.

    Especially recommended for your parents and grandparents and people with short tempers in regards to popups and flashing things.

    We plan to add opt-out support in the near future. Although why you wouldn't just block third party cookies if you want that sort of thing is beyond me.

    Did I mention Peeshkot is open source? You can submit issues and generally help out on Github.

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    Published on June 19th, 2013 in Cookie, European Union, Google Analytics, HTTP cookie, Slovenia, Uncategorized

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