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Probably the dumbest idea I ever had

I ran a marathon and that was dumb. Try not to run marathons, if you can at all avoid it. They're long and they hurt and all you get in the end is a cheap piece of metal, a free banana, and some funny gifs. Anyone who tells you that marathons are rewarding and spiritual is a liar.

Watch my face go from "Mum thinks you're handsome" to "Light drug abuse" in 4 short hours.

Marathons start early. Or at least the San Francisco Marathon does because they're too cheap to keep the course open after 1pm or so.

I was late, then I forgot to put on my number, then I had to run to and fro a lot to get it.

Like, the start of the start line โ€” where my bag was โ€” and the end of the start line โ€” where they let me into my wave โ€” were many blocks apart. 4 blocks. I counted.

And because I was late, it was crowded with slow people. Spent the entire marathon passing everyone and catching up to my intended pacer. I never caught him.

40 minutes in.

1h 20min into it. Notice how crowded the bridge got.

2h in, half done.

2h 40min is where the real race begins.

You know when it feels like your muscles are tearing themselves apart? That. I think it happened on top of a steep hill or something, about 3 hours into the marathon.

3h 20min ... surely I can do another 6km in 40minutes.

4h 2min ... this was a dumb idea.

Now I have to do it all again because I missed my goal time by 2 stupid minutes. Terrible.

But Sunday Me is happy that he no longer has to go on those long four hour training runs. Sleeping in here I come!

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Published on August 2nd, 2016 in Personal, Travel + Events

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