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    Public sex

    There are many types of perverts walking the earth and by far the most common is the kind that has sex in public places. To fully understand this phenomena is impossible, what drives somebody to do sinful things where others might accidentally bear witnes to enfolding events and become deeply sickened, disturbed, or turned on beyond measure ... being sickened is infinitely more probable however.

    But first, I believe, we must ask ourselves just what manner of acts constitute as sex. Of course everyone would agree that genital penetration of a genital orifice constitutes sex. Sodomy also constitutes sex, we all know this. But it becomes tricky when penetration does not occur; just where exactly is the line between making out and sex?

    Personally I don't think petting is a sexual act ... well yes, it is, but it's not sex and you'd be struck hard to find a semi libertanian person under the age of 50 being grossed out by petting, above or under clothing. Now petting can get quite out of hand and soon evolve into a handjob for either party. Does this constitute sex? Honestly, I'm not certain, but I am fairly convinced that practically anybody coming upon such an event taking place would find it distasteful at the very least.

    Handjobs can evolve even further and quite soon become fellatio, rarely cunnilingus, and that, quite frankly, cannot be counted as anything less than sex. It's even called "oral sex" for goodnes's sake! So if you're one of the lucky ones who's gotten a lovely fellation in a public place ... good on you, you've had sex and probably disgusted many a hapless observer.

    But are you a pervert? Well this is another tricky question actually.

    Drawing the line between a couple of unboring normal people and a couple of perverts is difficult because more and more is becoming accepted sexual practice and perverts need to find of more and more things to keep being perverts. For example, only a few decades ago abusing anything but the missionary position was a deep perversion wheras nowadays practically obody constrains themselves to a single way of doing ... it. Similarly it was a mere hundred years ago when seeing a female's ankles was thought as completely perverse and utterly beyond measure of good taste.

    As far as having sex in public goes, practically everybody's done it in a car parked somewhere at night. Fewer have done it in a car in light of day. Those are the boring normal people. Perverts go into greater and greater excess, at first they might do it in a darkened restaurant corner, but as the human psyche demands they need more and more excitement and, I believe, danger to keep having the same levels of fun. So where in public might a pervert have sex? Well a gallery is probably a good choice since it's so far away from anything sexual and at the same time so entangled with sex (as art is supposed to be) ... I'm told it's fun anyways.

    Where else? How about a very public place like in the middle of a concert crowd? Well yes, that is probably quite exciting and I'm sure many have done it before because the crowd is so large that once they get over the initial spasm reaction of having sex near so many people they realise that they're actually quite alone and very private. There's probably even stranger ideas out there, like the one I've heard not long ago of a couple having sex inside an actual piece of walk-in art.

    So think ... are you a perv?

    Published on January 27th, 2008 in food for thought, intrigues

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