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    Short penis

    Lately I've been receiving a lot of emails about my penis being short and ways of fixing the problem. I always wonder just how the hell do they know that I have a small penis? It's remarkable! Do they make demographic research to find out who has a short weener? Or is there some kind of intricate heuristic algorithm at work?

    Well no, I probably just managed to post my email address somewhere a certain bot managed to read it, so now I've been tagged as a short weener guy (not saying it's not true). I used to receive a lot more of these a few years ago when my weener was even smaller and then for a few years where I was completely and totally secure about its size there were none. Now that I'm a tad less secure there's the emails again.

    Personally I find that interesting ... that there seems to be a correlation between the amount of spam messages for penis size increase and a person's security over the size of their member. How the hell!? Well I really canot be certain of how the hell that works, but it still feels as an interesting observation.

    Well anyhow, as long as I can pee with it ... you know ... fulfill its basic function and such ...

    While on the topic of spam. I keep getting an interesting emotion or whatever it is over seeing students my age, or even older ones, working in this office. The feeling doesn't stem quite from that, I'm a student working here after all. It comes from the difference in job descriptions. While they create spam envelopes for regular mail or answer the phones, I'm the semi-well paid programmer who gets to be creative and is listened to by the bosses as far as recommendations and such go.

    Life is good ... mostly.

    Published on February 5th, 2008 in life

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