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Switching to feed readers

When I was redesigning my blog I had the marvelous idea of adding a reBlog widget to the sidebar on the left. The main reason behind this idea was that since my readers hopefully enjoy what i have to say they might also enjoy giving a glance or two to the things I read myself, seeming as how when it comes to authors of published works people are always interested in seeing where the influence and ideas come from. Therefore I decided to simplify this process for people and a conventional blogroll simply wasn't enough.

Why it wasn't enough, though, is a complex reason. Mainly I find them to be overly static, quite boring and rarely attracting any sort of attention. My reBlog feature on the other hand is useful to make my website a tad more dynamic, which is something google and other search engines love very much. it also serves as a simple way to be quickly involved in any buzz going through the blogosphere ... also raising hits.

The most profound change in my life coming from adding reblog was that it suddenly made me realise how awesome feed readers are. I was probably wasting several hours daily on making sure I kept up to date on everything from slashdot to different blogs and more often than not I'd simply forget about a blog or two and then be happily surprised when I found them again later. This is why I promptly installed Akregator on my home computer and Vienna on my mac.

Vienna I don't like so much, it's better than others but I do have my qualms. Akregator is rather awesome though and now my life is simpler. So here's to a simpler life via RSS feeds!

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Published on October 8th, 2008 in blog, feeds, improvement, life, time

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