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    Udacity - learn how to give an autonomous car its brain

    A few days ago an email birdie delivered this amazing piece of news:

    In short, Sebastian Thrun of ai-class.com, Stanford and Google-autonomus-cars fame is launching a new class to teach everyone about creating cars that can drive themselves. Well, to create their brains ... but considering Mythbusters create an RC car every three weeks, the mechanics are probably a solved problem.

    Having taken the artificial intelligence class last semester, there is no doubt in my mind this class will be awesome. The combination of world class professors and an online setting just works so much better than any other class I've been to ... hell I've said before that I wish all my classes were online from now on.

    And the cool thing about Udacity as a whole?

    They're aiming to revolutionize university education! Starting off with autonomus cars and basic computer science this semester, it will eventually cover the whole computer science spectrum and even provide students with actual certified degrees. Like a "real" university.

    I wonder how long it will take before I can ratify classes by Sebastian Thrun at my university, but the sooner the better because I expect to be spending much more time on his classes this semester than on most of my real classes.

    That said, I'm looking for classmates. Studying is more fun when you can share!

    Did I mention autonomous cars are super awesome?

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    Published on February 6th, 2012 in Uncategorized,

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