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Ville Depp and Johnny Valo

Last night while I was watching this lovely music video that someone has decided to call Summer Wine by Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon a striking change in Ville's appeareance hit the retina of my optical receptors. Suddenly, as if from the moustache and the beard, he stopped looking like a dashing woman that I used to know him as. Let me find a photograph to offer as evidence ...

Ville Valo looking like a womanVille Valo looking like a woman

But since he's grown a dead rat or two on his face and somehow convinced the bloody bastard to remain stuck there he looks different, he looks ...

Ville Depp
Ville Depp
Ville Depp

He looks like he's turned into a Johnny Depp clone, so I've decided to henceforth talk of Ville as Ville Depp and because the original likewise looks strikingly similar to the fake I have decided to refer to mister Johnny as a Johnny Valo, but you know what, let me give you anexamples of the striking new similarity.

Johnny ValoJohnny Valo

Now I understand that none of this could be any sort of reference to reality anymore since that song is from 2007, but fuck it, it's all news to me and those other poor sobs who don't get out of their basements much.

For the female reader, here is some more Johnny:

Sexy Johnny for the female readerSexy Johnny for the female reader

Disclaimer: no celebrities were harmed in the making of this post, please do not harass me for making fun of your precious sexy idols and darling little known voiceboxes.

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Published on March 27th, 2009 in funny, intrigues, Uncategorized

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