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    Wien is nothing special

    As some of you probably know I came back from Wien (vienna) yesterday after having gone on a four day trip with the intent of seeing Wien a little since I was going to the Amanda Palmer concert there anyway. But it all turned out a little less pleasurable than intented and came with a slightly bigger toll than anticipated.

    It turns out that not having bought tickets in advance we were left high and dry by the sold out Amanda Palmer, which invariably cast a dark shadow over the whole trip making it seem somewhat redundant and like a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that I spent four full days with my girlfriend and we did have fun and did see some very beautiful things. I am just so disappointed by the concert fiasco that I can't at all appreciate the rest of the trip and can only think of how I wasted time and money for both myself and the girlfriend ... I mean she didn't even want to go, I practically bent her arm and forced her to go.

    The problem is that if it was just about the trip we could've taken it at any other time. We could've gone when she had more time in regards to school, we could've gone when she had more money to spend and, hell, we could've gone when I was having less of a fuss at work and what's more, we could've gone for a longer time period and thrown other cities into the mix for an even better trip. Right now it just feels like we've taken an impromptu half-arsed vacation that was a waste of effort.

    Perhaps my feelings about the trip would've been better if Wien was more impressive, as I'm sure they'd be awesomely high spirited if we got into the concert. Wien, as a whole, is pretty much like Ljubljana. The architecture is the same, the basic layout is the same and even the vehicles on the road are the same. Let's not even get into the chavs who are exactly the same as home, same language, same style of clothing, same nauseating behaviour and the same kind of cars.

    The only hint at being in a different country was that streets and such were in German, but even that didn't dispell the feeling of only being on a trip to a different city in the same country. London was a much much better experience last year, in fact I was probably making my girlfriend sick by constantly comparing our trip to the trip I'd taken last year.

    So all in all, I don't regret traveling with my girlfriend per se, I just regret the poor timing.

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    Published on October 22nd, 2008 in life, review, travel

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