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    Coraline 3D was fab

    Even though talking about Coraline feels a bit old and redundant now that it's four days after the fact, but what the hell, I was busy and blogging over the weekends has always seem a tad bit dirty ... almost like I was poking people in the eyes saying "Hey you, yes you, you're being lazy!"

    Anyhow, in an unprecedented feat of being social I assembled my posse this friday to go see Coraline in an actual cinema. Wow! I haven't done this since ... well I've never done it to be honest. The reason why I did it is even more mindbogglingly strange - I wanted to go see the movie solely because I used to read Neil Gaiman's blog and he seemed like a cool cat and talked a lot about how Coraline the movie is being made after one of his stories.

    It did not disappoint.

    Sure I haven't read the book, but the movie was absolutely wonderful and its wikipedia page says there aren't many distinctions from the book. Perhaps the most notable is the invention of a Wyborne character who seemed quite crucial to the plot in the movie so I have no idea how Neil managed without him ...

    Deciding to watch Coraline in XpanD and the lovely three dimensional thingamagic also turned out to be a stroke of genius. All of the effects were tasteful done and I could identify only two or three scenes that were 3-D porn. This, to me, is something that really sets Coraline apart from all the other 3D movies I'd seen, which were thin on the plot, empty on the characters and drowning on 3D porn.

    There really isn't anything I can find to criticise about this movie,the art was awesome, the story was great and the characters were spectacular. Even the soundtrack was bloody magnificent ...

    ... ah yes, but there is one thing. There is a scene with dancing mice that purports to be stop-motion animation done with 64 or so figures moving simultaneously on stage and thus being a magnificent exampleof just how much awesome this movie is. However, watching the scene gave me an uneasy sensation of CGI repetition. They just moved too unanimously to look real and even their movement seemed rushed. Looked like frames kept being skipped.

    All in all though, the movie is bloody awesome and I think everyone even remotely interested in proper cinematography should go see it.

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    Published on May 25th, 2009 in Coraline, life, Movies, Neil Gaiman, review, Uncategorized

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