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    Idiocy and overpolitisation

    Earlier this week students of Slovenia suddenly discovered a large increase in student food certificate prices. Naturally a great outrage soon followed spannign multiple bulletin boards, news-like articles and at least two outraged facebook groups on top of a boycott "event", also on facebook. How nice and lovely, students fighting unfair price increases that are wholly disproportionate to other normal price growths. In fact, prices everywhere seem to be dropping due to a so called recession, why student food went up is illogical at the least.

    But is it really so illogical? Is it even unfair? And for the love of <deity> are students actually achieving anything with their outrage? The answer to all those questions is a resounding no! Prices went up because they can, it's called supply-and-demand, meaning that for as long as we continue to make demand and fill those restaurants at lunchtime prices will continue to grow. Once they've grown past a certain point where demand starts falling we will see a drop in price.

    Of course demand won't go down very soon because those who are bound to student certificates as their only option for a meal will continue to demand no matter what, there simply isn't another option (this is otherwise known as a monopoly situation). Welcome to capitalism. It's also not unfair because those who can afford will, those who can't won't and will find other options. Of course then there are those like myself who could afford but WON'T. Why won't I? Because there is no way in hell I'm paying so much for student food, when I'll feel like having restaurant food I'll give that euro more and buy a normal lunch. Fuck 'em and fuck their overpriced student certificates.

    As for achieving anything with facebook groups, you won't, because nobody cares. You could of course make demonstrations and continue to shout nonsense about how the government is screwing you over, but the sad fact is that in this case they aren't. They're still helping you pay with exactly the same amount they were helping you before, it's just the greedy restaurant owners who have increased their monetary demands. The only way you will achieve anything is by not eating out all the time, find a better alternative if you can.

    And we've come to the overpolitisation. Look guys and gals, I know we live in a country that's less than 20 years old, and of course this creates a lot of problems that otherwise would not exist but PLEASE stop pinning everything on politics. It is because of stupid idiots like our commoners that last year's elections were all about ONE FUCKING SCANDAL and nobody even touched serious topics. it is because of stupid idiots that nothing moves forward in this bloody country, it's not because of politicians, it's because you think politicians are responsible for everything.

    Would it be too difficult to just FOR ONCE stop thinking politics has any sort of power in the world, that politicians are anything more than puppets on a string and just for once start addressing serious issues and sensible solutions to them? When a construction company fucks up a tunnel, why on earth would the minister of transport have to resign? And when food prices increase, WHAT THE FUCK does that have to do "our government is screwing us over boo hoo"? NOT EVERYTHING is about politics, politics and politicians will not help you, help yourself by buying a cup of common sense and stop blaming everything on politics.

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    Published on January 7th, 2009 in commentary, rant

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