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    Exams and revolutions

    Many times thusfar have I sat down to write this blog, but it never quite managed to come out of wherever I usually pull my writing out of. But not this time, oh no, I'm going to write it and if it takes all the cookies in that damn box to my right!

    There is verily a revolution brewing in dear old Slovenia. Prices have been skyrocketing after rising for quite a while now. Too long a while if we're being honest. That wouldn't really be a problem if payrolls were going up along with the prices, but sadly, as is the norm, they are not.

    But where exactly is this difference stemming from? Everybody knows that there are laws in place to keep payrolls up with inflation. And inflation means devaluement of money. Yes, it is quite sad that we have the highest inflation rate in the Euro area, but that's really to be expected. We _are _the least mature country to have the Euro. In fact I bet I wouldn't strike too far from the truth with saying we're being a test bunny for the rest of new European countries to see how quickly an economy can adapt to being in league with the big boys.

    Since the first world war we've been accustomed to being top notch in the area. The best in the balkans. The leaders in both economy, production and manufacture. Not to neglect health and education. But we seem to have forgotten that before that, in times of the Austro-Hungarian empire, we were the bottomfeeders. The lowest of the lot and quite actually the dirt of the country. We are that once more. But, just as before, we do not want to be this. We want to be as successful and awesome as the countries that have been around since before we even started calling ourselves Slovenians in the seventeenth century. Hell, look at the British empire; those bastards have been the same country when we were writing down the first ever words in old Slovenian. No wonder their money is worth the most.

    So with all this in mind, and understanding completely how natural it is for us to be doing so poorly in general, why am I mentioning revolutions in the blog's title? Whatever for could I be even contemplating such a thought? Well the reason is quite simple. We don't have to be this bad. Our education is good and our scientists rank among the best in Europe. But the problem lies with our politicians. They are of that postliberation, postwar, corrupt kind. You know ... the kind that sees an opportunity in a shaken and new economy, in a brand new political system, the kind that knows whatever it does it will get away with.

    They don't care about the people nor about this so called democracy and the democratic way. Democracy may be a good system and elections can in fact be awesome. But when the only pick is a bunch of people who lived the majority of their lives in a totalitaristic regime, a dictatorship if you will. People who have only lately been dabbling in giving choice to the demos. People who really do not have a well established democratic mentality in them. People who still half live in socialism ... then democracy fails and fails utterly. The pick is bad. And when the people only have nuances of bad to pick from they make a poor choice.

    Somebody who has never achieved much in their life and strives to do so through politics and being a leader is a bad leader by definition. How do we expect to have someone lead us whose best achievement thusfar has been persuading his boss to give him better gifts so as to do their jobs better. They have riches, yes, they have nice cars, yes, but these they all got because their payrolls are of a certain amount. None of these are actual achievements. Something actually stemming from their own labour, ingenuity and skill. It's just having the luck to have a skilled publicist so as to get elected and get a well paying job.

    Fuck that.

    I say we make a coup, one that will not rattle the country enough to make it a liability to those lovely people who like nothing more than to expand their "union" empire to us, but one that will get us rid of this poor choice of a political system and give us something that garbles up less money merely to function. We need a monarchy, but a good monarchy. A dictator even when they are very frivolous with expenses cannot waste as much as a group of 200 frivolous-ish politicians.

    And what does less money spent with increased decision making power mean? It means the people can get better payrolls and lower taxes.

    But this is not the whole problem, a big part of the problem are our lovably huge, omnipotent and omnipresent trade cartels that run the poor economy wherever they please. But that's really another post ... another post about revolutions, but of a different kind.

    Oh did I mention something about exams in the title? Yes, exams for a month ... shit happens.

    Published on January 14th, 2008 in food for thought, intrigues, life

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