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In sickness and in death

For the past week I have been pestered by a terrible illness that put me in bed for many days. I suffered horrible pains and fevers and what I still claim to be fever-induced hallucinations rather than half crazed dreams and visions. It looked so real!

At first the good doctor scared me quite a bit when I was told I had some form of viral tonsil infection that is in fact a saliva transfered STD. The problem there being that since it's viral it cannot be cured; you simply have to wait it out. Of course suffering an illness out brings along a great deal of trouble, namely pain and apparently, in this case, even up to 50% increase in size of some internal organs like the liver and spleen ... with danger of ruptures. Also I'd be bedridden for a whole fortnight.

Luckily for me and my freshly new sex life (no strenuous activity until February in the previously describe eventuality) antibiotics worked and the infection turned out to be a more managable thing that was cured in a few days and I shall be regaining normality tomorrow. Of course I still have to take the pills for as long as they last and I can't start going to the gym until next week ... and even then slowly ease in ... as if I will. I'm glad I can get back to work and classes because having stayed at home for this long a time I can tell you, it's not lovely at all.

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Published on December 19th, 2007 in life

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