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    When a person goes to the cinema to watch af ilm they might feel a slight tingle, maybe even feel like they have seen something really good, at some special moment they might even feel engulfed by the action. But when they go to the playhouse it's a whole different thing. The characters are right there, real, in front of you. The experience is always thrilling and astonishing no matter what your age, gender or taste is. In the playhouse the worst that can happen is that the performance is too artistic for you to understand. In the cinema the worst is being bored and falling asleep.

    On Friday I have gone to see the first play in the repertoire of my season ticket at the national playhouse and I lvoed every little bit of it. At first it was a bit what the fuck but then the story sucked me in and it was difficult to get enough. An hour and a half in the short break was very welcome because for some odd reason there is no air conditioning in the hall, but after the whole two and a half hour play was over there was nothing but bewildering awe left in my mind. I could probably just go on and on about this but that would be rather pointless so I'll just state the thing that was the most noticable.

    The actors were pretty standard, there simply aren't many to be found, and their performance, while good, nothing spectacular. What was really interesting about the whole set up was the scenography. Right fromt he start I could notice a theme; horizontal lines. The background was comprised fully of horizontal planks and when my gaze wondered upon the chairs on the stage I noticed them to be comprised of the same material. The one chair that was faced so you could only see its side had arm rests in order to adhere to the theme. For some strange reason even the sofa was visibly comprised of horizontal parts, which altogether made a very good effect. But I'll be damned if I can decypher it.

    At the scene change, it was a real change, the background was still the same, but the foreground was now made entirely of curves and curvatures. Funnily enough even the happenings on stage seemed more curvy tahn angular and distant as they did before, everthing was more lovable, warm and near; as oposed to the former coldness and distancy.

    All in all, when in the playhouse you can't expect anything but real artism everywhere and in every aspect of everything. Pure beauty.

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    Published on October 2nd, 2006 in

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