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    Slovenia desperately needs more burlesque

    Be advised, I am currently fighting a deathly battle with a nasty cold so the rest of this entry might feel a bit foggy and poorly phrased. You were warned.

    Burlesque, for those who don't know, is a type of performance art much like striptease and other "exotic" dances, but on a far more refined level. Now I can't say this for certain having only seen the regular sleazy striptease in person, but burlesque seems to be a far more enjoyable viewing experience than pretty much anything one could imagine.

    What I love about burlesque is that a lot of it doesn't even necessarily involve nudity, much of it is just damsels hopping about on stage in fancy dress with a supporting cast of burly men in drag. And there's a lot of music, good music.

    Striptease on the other hand is a bit of a meh, sure the broad gets naked, but it's all so distasteful, so sleazy and rotten it's nigh on unenjoyable ...

    Therefore I propose that we need to have more burlesque shows in Slovenia, especially because traveling to the US or London or whatnot just for a show of such nature can hardly be justified. I'm told that there have already been certain occasions of burlesque shows, but I'd be very glad if someone could point me to more such things ... especially, you know, like before the event? Can do? Please do. The closest I'd ever seen to burlesque was Cabaret in MGL and in London, but it's just not quite what I'm looking for despite being a supremely awesome show.

    Now just for a quick taste, here's some Miss Meow Meow, whom I've just discovered today and instantly fell in love with almost as much as with Amanda Palmer.

    And since no post about burlesque can be complete without mentioning Dita von Teese. There. Dita von Teese. Hope you're happy now.

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    Published on June 19th, 2009 in Amanda Palmer, art, Burlesque, intrigues, Uncategorized

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