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    The webcomics I love

    Webcomics have been an internet constant for a while now and while I've become a fan almost in their infancy back when Elftor and PA were king (I never read PA) ... oh must've been something like *gulp* eight years ago ... fuck I'm old.

    Anyhow, my second big love was CAD, which I've been reading to this day. Sometime during the whole affair I was quite popular on their forum, then a certain revolt happened, which I magically survived and then I got banned a few months later ... oh well. But I loved that forum, learned a lot about painting there.

    It would seem that there are even more comics that I used to read, but don't read anymore, than there are comics I do read. There are such marvels as Pewfell, the Dreamwalker Chronicles and Lackadaisy - in all the bookmarks folder for webcomics holds 58 different links. Out of those I only read twelve today, with a few new ones still in the buffer for me to go through the archives. So in no particular order:


    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.34.50 AM


    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.35.20 AM


    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.35.44 AM


    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.35.09 AM


    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.35.00 AM

    Girl Genius

    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.42.14 AM

    Not Invented Here

    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.38.56 AM

    PHD Comics

    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.35.31 AM

    Sheldon Comic

    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.35.37 AM


    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.35.50 AM

    Johnny Wander

    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.44.28 AM


    Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.45.30 AM

    Two honourable mentions also go to Copper, which should really start updating again, and Ugly Hill, which ended, but @paulsouthworth awesomely went on to do Not Invented Here.

    Sadly, most of the comics I stopped reading lost my attention due to my simply forgetting to click the bookmark for a while. Henceforth this is remedied because I have resolved to continue reading only through RSS. Life is too hectic even if the only really proper way to enjoy a webcomic is by going to the home page.

    PS: of course there is also XKCD, but I refuse to even bookmark that one. There's a special charm in entering the URL by hand every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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