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    Wow, such a long time since there were any news reported here, not that there wasn't any news, just that I kept putting it off for fear of having a lot to say, you know how it is. So expect something a bit longer this time because there is much to tell and the hardest part always is trying to find a suitable place to start... so let's start from the beginning eh.

    Roughly around the time of hte last news post I got a job which now takes 10 hour sout of my day with another two hour sfor commuting, I've never had to commute in my life, and it sucks, commuting is stupid. Takes too long and accomplishes almost nothing. The job, though, is simply magnificent, love every minute of it, really. This is some personalish news, now for more intersting things shall we.

    A few days ago, or possibly even a week, who couild tell, I got a new book. A book that I have been waiting for for a long time. It is the book of Inverloch. It was a magnificent read, anyone who doesn't have it shoudl buy one r at least go check out the webcomic. The story is quite nice and the art pretty much superb; in fact it is one of the few manga comics I can stand.
    There were a bit many downsides to the book though, so it doesn't get a perfect ten, a seven perhaps. The thing that stood out the most were some typos in the artist's blabber, I'm sorry, but when you publish a book you take care that there are no typos. Now I could understand there being a few typos in a hundred page novel, but at least two in just as many pages? That's just sloppy.
    Which brings us to another point, I was expecting there to be a lot of artist's commentary, perhaps even on particular chapters or something. But all I got from the book were three pages (with illustrations) of a comment and two pages of extra comics, that are online just aswell. I was expecting a bit more from the first printed edition of Inverloch, but oh well, still quite lovely (a bit short too).
    Everyone should get this book, and this is what it looks like:

    Next item on the list, Opera 9. The next version of the magnificent browser that I adore is come a few days ago. Now it's great and all, but somehow it fails to impress. When I first opened it up I was all hyped up about new features and possibilites, of the new open windows of bright opportunity... and the final reaction was "What this is it?".
    Don't get me wrong, all the fixes they did to the parsin are awesome, it even passes the dreaded Acid2 test now and supposedly has support for WYSIWYG editors (although I'm somehow not getting this functionality). But there is just something missing, there is no shiny.
    The biggest thing they added are the widgets, and so far they have proven pretty much useles. There are none to be found that woudl have any usable value and the implementation is somehow lacking, something just doesn't quite snap right.
    A great asset to thsoe who are into the developing business is the new and improved error reproter who nowadays reports everythign from javascript to CSS errors. Magnificent really ... but soemwhat hard to decypher and completely useless and baffling to average users. It probably only scares them without providing any valuable information.
    Probably the best thing that was added is the tooltip preview that appears upon hovering over a tab, showing a small thumbnail of the page and some basic information, great for finding a certain website amongst many tabs.

    Lastly, on the 22nd or something the lates Pure Pwnage episode has been released, episode 11. This show is absolutely wonderful and you are a blasphemer if you have not yet watched any of the episodes. I watched this last one roughly an hour after it became freely publically available, it was available before for paying folks, and I was a bit let down by this one. It might've bene that I was not in the mood but it did not seem as funny as some of the older ones and if you ask me it was a bit incoherent. There was no actual plot and there seemed to be very little actual script... or perhaps the execution of the script was just not that good. I blame the director/writer of the show... everyone knows that Kyle is just a noob.

    Published on June 26th, 2006 in Uncategorized

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