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    Today was the worst day I've ever had

    Ok so today has probably been one of the crappiest days in a very very long time. Nothing spectacular happened, just a bunch of small very very irritating and annoying things, just enough to ruin your mood for a whole week.

    Which is awesome since it's Monday.

    Even better, I'm going to London tomorrow and am expected to be all chirpy and awesome.

    Because the day can speak for itself, I'm just going to list everything:

    1. I got up quite a bit later than I intended.
    2. It was cold and incredibly humid outside.
    3. By the time I got to uni to have a grade officially noted down, I was dripping sweat.
    4. Went to hackerspace to study, made tea.
    5. 10 minutes later realised I'd forgotten my calculator at home, went get it.
    6. Dripping sweat when got home.
    7. This time get in car and go back to hackerspace.
    8. Going for calculator took an hour. Made new tea.
    9. Ten minutes later classmates called, let's go study at a random open classroom.
    10. It is now almost noon and I've only had a few sips of tea.
    11. All vending machines at the faculty are out of energy drinks, everyone's studying.
    12. With the last change I've got I grab a coke.
    13. At 3pm the exam starts and it's a fucking assrape. I literally felt the professor's dick go up my arse when I put my eyes on the problem.
    14. Struggle through somewhat solving everything.
    15. It took so long I couldn't pick a time/date to go get my grade. Got one that is on a day when I'm in London.
    16. Go back to hackerspace to mostly hang out, do some business stuff.
    17. Laptop runs out of disk. Quickly empty trash.
    18. Emptying trash takes two hours.
    19. While emptying trash the only data file for my time logging app where I log pretty much everything I do so I can have an oversee of what I'm doing with my time ... goes missing.
    20. Fine I'll just restore it from backups.
    21. Mate beats me in almost every single game of Guitar Hero.
    22. Get home, start restoring that file from backups.
    23. Find out someone had turned Time Machine off on December 6th 2009.
    24. Give up. The day is officially horrible. The only way it could get worse is if I magically break my leg while sleeping.
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    Published on June 21st, 2010 in Business, Energy drink, Food and Drink, life, London, Opportunities, Uncategorized

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