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    I aim to write mindblowing emails with real insight into the career and skills of a modern software engineer. "Raw and honest from the heart!" as one reader described them.

    Below are 30 articles filed under career. Enjoy ❤️

    6 books engineers should read

    Here are 6 books I'd buy every engineer who joins my team, if I ran a team. You might like 'em too.

    Code yourself out of the job

    Don't get stuck being a critical member of the team.

    Your resumé has a job

    Is your resume a tech bingo card? Not great.

    I'm a different engineer than I was 3 years ago

    A reflection on engineering through The Hockeystick

    The 3 budgets

    Software engineering salaries come from one of 3 budgets. Which budget pays your salary shapes your day-to-day and influences your career trajectory

    What to put on your resumé

    Position yourself as an expert and stand out in the job market

    How to go from Senior to Lead

    Transitioning from Senior to Lead Engineer isn't just about technical prowess, but strategic thinking, soft skills, and going beyond your role. And remember, strong individual contributions matter!

    Trust your wings, not the market

    Success in your career doesn't come from relying on the market or job stability. It comes from trusting your own wings - having a clear vision, treating work as a value exchange, leveraging your skills, and owning your path

    Why write

    Regular writing is a secret superpower! Sharpens your thoughts, boosts your career, and helps you become an authority in your field. Don't pretend to be an expert, just share your experiences. Your insights are gold

    How many years to senior engineer?

    Becoming a senior engineer isn't about clocking years, but about depth and breadth of experience. Work in diverse teams, stick with a codebase for 3+ years, and take on projects with real stakes.

    Clarification on how ownership makes careers

    Aa few readers wrote in with questions and objections to last week's Ownership makes careers email. Here's a few clarifications.

    Ownership makes careers

    Own shit. At least put your name on things. Yes, before it's successful.

    How one sentence guides your career

    Unlock the secret to guiding your career with a powerful positioning statement. Learn to stand out in the job market and attract opportunities that align with your expertise and values.

    Why a tech meltdown is the best time to invest in your career

    Invest in your career growth. Seize the moment to develop new skills and prepare for a brighter future

    How positioning makes you stand out from the crowd

    Stand out in the job market with a strong positioning statement! Focus on the value you bring to organizations, not just tech skills. Be specific about what you do, for whom, and how.

    Your background won't get you the job

    Skills and experience matter more than prestigious schools and employers.

    "If you're so good, why aren't you making 600k at BigTech?"

    Swiz shares why he's not making the big bucks at a tech giant, from the soul-crushing grind of corporate to the funny money of tech compensation.

    Own your career like an expert

    You can achieve more with your career by leveraging your experience, advice, and ability to clear blockers, rather than just working hard. This approach of "force multiplying" your team can create more value than working alone

    Reader question: How to grow 10+ years into your career?

    For those wanting to stay hands-on, we recommend solving bigger better challenges with higher stakes and new problems.

    In case of layoffs

    Advice on how to prepare for potential layoffs, how to support friends and colleagues who have been laid off, and how to find a new job after being laid off.

    Can you stay a senior engineer forever?

    Here's an idea that can take the pressure off your career: Yes, you can stay a senior software engineer forever. But how?

    On becoming tech lead

    A few weeks ago I made tech lead, a type of staff engineer. Here are my thoughts on what that means, how it happened, and why you'd want such a thing.

    Reader question: Work at a big international or a local studio?

    Fellow reader Frank writes in with a question about career moves and I thought my answer could help you too

    Grow your career ... in this economy??

    if you've been following tech news lately, things feel ... 😖 Between the layoffs, hiring freezes, investors suddenly caring about revenue, and whatever the heck stock markets are doing, we're in for a rough time. BUT!

    Always have 3 answers

    How do you stand out as an expert amid tech layoffs?

    When to join and leave a company, project, or trend

    Timing changes everything. Who do you think has better engineers? The team that built Google from 9 million daily searches in 2000 to 1 billion in 2009, or the team that launched Google's 10th chat app last year?

    Getting from junior to senior

    The difference in salary between a junior and senior engineer can be orders of magnitude. Many multiples at least. But what's the difference in mindset that gets you there?

    Pay yourself first

    Profit is not what's left after expenses, expenses are what's left after profit.

    Tips for a fulfilling tech career

    When I dropped out of college to focus on freelancing back in 2012, I set 3 ground rules:

    Why you need a positioning statement

    High value experts use positioning statements to say what they do for whom. Most engineers don't have one. 🤨

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