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    Swizec's articles in the "leadership" category

    I aim to write mindblowing emails with real insight into the career and skills of a modern software engineer. "Raw and honest from the heart!" as one reader described them.

    Below are 15 articles filed under leadership. Enjoy ❤️

    5 tips for effective standups

    Talk about today, not yesterday

    Onboarding to a new team

    People are starting to cheat in interviews using ChatGPT. It's obvious, doesn't work, and wouldn't even be cheating if you did it right!

    Keeping a high engineering culture, tips from the field

    I asked engineers how they keep a high quality culture. These are the takeaways

    Let juniors speak first

    Want an engaged engineering team? Let juniors speak first.

    How to go from Senior to Lead

    Transitioning from Senior to Lead Engineer isn't just about technical prowess, but strategic thinking, soft skills, and going beyond your role. And remember, strong individual contributions matter!

    Move the rock

    it's about noticing the rocks that could trip others and taking the initiative to move them

    The Wally Reflector

    Unleash the power of 'The Wally Reflector' to manage the influx of 'quick requests' and empower your team.

    What I learned from Team Topologies

    You can't escape Conway's Law. Might as well use it for good.

    Coding is the easy part

    Behind the scenes of a vendor migration project. What senior+ engineers do so you can focus on the code.

    Scaling teams is a technical challenge

    A founder friend asked me about growing pains on his team. How do you avoid stepping on each other's toes?

    What I learned from Staff Engineer by Will Larson

    Staff Engineer was one of the more impactful books I've read in recent months. Went through the audiobook soon after becoming tech lead so the timing was perfect.

    On becoming tech lead

    A few weeks ago I made tech lead, a type of staff engineer. Here are my thoughts on what that means, how it happened, and why you'd want such a thing.

    Nobody is coming to save you

    How do you react when you don't like The Process at work? Most programmers complain on social media, make a wry joke, and ... suffer. Not great

    What's more productive, a team or a talented soloist?

    Engineers *hate it* when you say it doesn't matter how good they are because a team will outcode them any day. But it's true, you can't build something big on your own.

    How to own projects like a senior engineer

    The best skill you can learn is ownership. The second best is to let go.

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