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    Read about indie hacking from the trenches

    Indie Hacking – building smol businesses on your own terms – is a strange beast to me. From my first experiments back in 2011 where I went from idea to sales in 3 days to nowadays where I have a full-time job but think like a consultant, indie hacking has been near and dear to my heart.

    I believe this is the best and worst time to launch something.

    The best because consumers are used to paying and they hate big tech. People want your thing and they want to pay you. Not a faceless behemoth that steals their data and turns users into commodities. Blech

    And if you're an engineer or product manager, the swan song of easy money in tech is irresistible.

    Sometimes it feels like my career is running backwards πŸ˜…

    But I'll never stop tinkering on the side. Multiple streams of income are a great way to recession proof your career.

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