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    Swizec's articles in the "video" category

    I aim to write mindblowing emails with real insight into the career and skills of a modern software engineer. "Raw and honest from the heart!" as one reader described them.

    Below are 25 articles filed under video. Enjoy ❤️

    You do have time to build it twice

    My talk from React Summit is now online, if you're curious. It's about code rewrites in the context of hyper growth startups. The ultimate sin. Or is it 🤔
    July 26th, 2022

    Game development in Webgl

    November 19th, 2012

    History of Everything

    November 20th, 2008

    Dane Cook

    July 30th, 2007


    July 20th, 2007

    Moderne priredbe

    July 13th, 2007

    Spletno nasilje

    July 4th, 2007


    June 14th, 2007

    Je Suis Jalous

    May 17th, 2007

    Avstralci in mucke

    May 9th, 2007

    Fuck nonwhites?

    April 20th, 2007

    Stroj smo mi

    April 11th, 2007

    The Machine is us

    April 11th, 2007

    ÄŒudna polka

    April 5th, 2007

    Weird polka

    April 5th, 2007

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