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    Swizec's articles in the "ast" category

    I aim to write mindblowing emails with real insight into the career and skills of a modern software engineer. "Raw and honest from the heart!" as one reader described them.

    Below are 29 articles filed under ast. Enjoy ❤️

    Validate your assumptions early

    here's war story from last summer. I've talked about it in workshops but haven't written it down before. It's for a book I'm working on.

    A better roadmap solves many issues

    Many engineering challenges start with your roadmap

    Get us over the water, not build us a bridge

    effective engineering teams should work *with* their product owner/manager, not *for* them

    Coordinating at the end is too late

    When working: sync first *then* async

    Approve with comment

    A shift in your code review process can boost your team's productivity. Empower authors to make the call.

    Code yourself out of the job

    Don't get stuck being a critical member of the team.

    The answer to 5 soloists in a trench coat

    Team dysfunction where everyone's a soloist? Try this fix: Force the team to work on ONE story at a time.

    5 soloists in a trench coat

    Ever felt like your software team is just soloists in a trench coat? You may be right!

    The market always wins

    No amount of growth hacking, investor money, or a/b testing will save you, if people don't want what you have.

    Why you need a regular retro

    Agile is something you are, not something you do.

    5 tips for effective standups

    Talk about today, not yesterday

    Can I get your opinion

    Books start with a detailed outline that's easy to change. That's when they're easy to change and where you can help.

    Ask me a question

    Swizec is writing "Scaling Fast", a book about his journey in a 20x hyper-growth startup. Questions?

    Getting from junior to senior

    The difference in salary between a junior and senior engineer can be orders of magnitude. Many multiples at least. But what's the difference in mindset that gets you there?

    Balancing serious sidehustles and full-time work

    Erik, the author of Developer Hegemony and founder of Hit Subscribe, invited me to chat about balancing sidehustles and full-time work

    Build simple backends with Gatsby Serverless Functions

    Until recently adding a little backend to your Gatsby site meant 2 options: 1. Climbing the AWS learning curve 2. Rewrite with NextJS Now there's an /api directory 😱

    "silicon valley is like hollywood"

    and I don't mean Silicon Valley the place, I mean Silicon Valley the concept.

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