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    Swizec's articles in the "ai" category

    I aim to write mindblowing emails with real insight into the career and skills of a modern software engineer. "Raw and honest from the heart!" as one reader described them.

    Below are 62 articles filed under ai. Enjoy โค๏ธ

    Why you shouldn't use AI to write your tests

    If you derive tests from your implementation, you can't apply the Beyonce rule. What if the code is wrong and that wasn't the programmer's intent? We'll never know. The bug now exists in both places.

    How to start playing with generative AI

    Generative AI is entering the early adopters phase of Moore's technology cycle. Lots of people have been asking me for the quickest and cheapest way to get started.

    How I Added a Related Articles Feature on Swizec.com Using GPT-4 Embeddings

    Making 15 years of blog archives easier to navigate with AI and cosine similarity to build a related articles featur

    Don't neglect your upgrades

    Regular software updates may seem tedious, but they save you from the nightmare of a massive overhaul down the line.

    I tried generative AI on lots of data and we're not quite there yet

    Lessons learned from running GPT-4 on lots of data using the same task.

    AI Engineer Summit report

    AI is the easy part of the equation. The real game changers in #AIEngineering are mastering data engineering, handling non-deterministic outputs, and nailing product development.

    How I turned 15 years of writing into a chatbot

    What do you do with 15 years of your writing history when LLMs hit the scene? A chatbot!

    I went to "AI Woodstock" and wow

    "AI Woodstock" was a HuggingFace meetup showcasing groundbreaking AI projects and innovations. Here are some of my favs.

    The programming tutorial SEO industry is dead

    20 years ago greybeards laughed at us for Googling. Now they laugh when we ask ChatGPT. But the leverage is ๐Ÿš€

    Build semantic search in an afternoon? Yep ๐Ÿคฏ

    Learn how to build a powerful semantic search engine in just 2 hours with the OpenAI API.

    Building browser extensions with NextJS

    NextJS can be used to build browser extensions. This is a novel way of building extensions that allows developers to use familiar tools and technologies. Here's how

    Stable Diffusion on an iPad ๐Ÿคฏ

    When's the last time a piece of tech blew your mind? I tried stable diffusion on my new ipad and wow

    Reader question: useReducer or XState?

    Following up from my article about XState and Stately.ai, fellow reader S. asked if `useReducer` could ever be relevant when using state machines in React code. Yes! Here's how

    When your brain is breaking, try Stately.ai

    Two years ago I wrote about using XState after building a UI interaction so twisted my brain leaked out my ears. It helped. Now the creators have made something even better โ€“ Stately.ai ๐Ÿ˜

    WorkInProgress kills your progress

    If it takes 6 engineers 10 days to complete 6 projects in parallel, why does it take 8 days when you work together ๐Ÿคจ

    Why a coding AI like Github Copilot won't take your job

    It might. What's your job? If you're in the *"write code to exact specifications"* business ... now's a good time to start leveling up. The AI's not ready yet.

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