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    I aim to write mindblowing emails with real insight into the career and skills of a modern software engineer. "Raw and honest from the heart!" as one reader described them.

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    Notes for my Scaling Fast talk next week

    Decided to publish my notes because they look pretty useful on their own. Although I hope my stage presence adds a little something something. Enjoy :)

    How to use feature flags

    All the hard lessons learned using feature flags in production. Skips the why and gets to the how.

    Validate your assumptions early

    here's war story from last summer. I've talked about it in workshops but haven't written it down before. It's for a book I'm working on.

    A better roadmap solves many issues

    Many engineering challenges start with your roadmap

    Get us over the water, not build us a bridge

    effective engineering teams should work *with* their product owner/manager, not *for* them

    Coordinating at the end is too late

    When working: sync first *then* async

    Approve with comment

    A shift in your code review process can boost your team's productivity. Empower authors to make the call.

    The best engineering books get good 5 years into your career

    The best engineering books aren't those you read at the start of your career. It's the ones you appreciate 5 years in.

    Code yourself out of the job

    Don't get stuck being a critical member of the team.

    The answer to 5 soloists in a trench coat

    Team dysfunction where everyone's a soloist? Try this fix: Force the team to work on ONE story at a time.

    5 soloists in a trench coat

    Ever felt like your software team is just soloists in a trench coat? You may be right!

    The market always wins

    No amount of growth hacking, investor money, or a/b testing will save you, if people don't want what you have.

    Why you need a regular retro

    Agile is something you are, not something you do.

    5 tips for effective standups

    Talk about today, not yesterday

    Can I get your opinion

    Books start with a detailed outline that's easy to change. That's when they're easy to change and where you can help.

    Onboarding to a new team

    People are starting to cheat in interviews using ChatGPT. It's obvious, doesn't work, and wouldn't even be cheating if you did it right!

    Ask me a question

    Swizec is writing "Scaling Fast", a book about his journey in a 20x hyper-growth startup. Questions?

    What I learned from Do Hard Things

    Do Hard Things is a recent book from an author of my favorite book about burnout (Peak Performance). It talks about why our traditional view of toughness is wrong.

    Halfway there

    Realizing I'm statistically halfway through life at 36. Time is the one thing you can't get more of

    What I learned from Team Topologies

    You can't escape Conway's Law. Might as well use it for good.

    Insights for interviews from Kahneman's Noise

    everything people say is bad about modern tech interviews is actually good 🤯

    What I learned from Staff Engineer by Will Larson

    Staff Engineer was one of the more impactful books I've read in recent months. Went through the audiobook soon after becoming tech lead so the timing was perfect.

    The Passion Paradox

    burnout doesn't work the way you think

    What I learned from Software Engineering at Google

    When I first picked up Software Engineering at Google I thought it was another one of those FAANG books full of lessons that make no sense at human scale. I was surprised, lessons apply to teams as small as 5.

    Your career needs a vision

    In his book, The Art of Science and Engineering, Richard Hamming says the key to a great career is vision. What does that really look like?

    Serverless Handbook coming Mar 31st

    Serverless is the future. New book coming out Mar 31st and it's looking bomb

    Different medium, different mindset

    Ever wondered what it's like to make a physical book? It ain't as easy as shipping code lemme tell ya 😅

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